MP defended

“Our Conservative member of Parliament, Mel Arnold, recently sent out his MP Report from Ottawa. He wants to hear about what issues are important to his constituents.”

These comments were made by B. Cousens, Aug. 27 in the letters section. They represent the latest salvo from B. Cousens against all things Conservative.

We are asked the rhetorical question of “What could he (Arnold) possibly do to help us?” For openers, Arnold could, and has held public meetings, been many times more visible than his predecessor, and along with other Conservatives, made a lot of effort to change policy directions of his party. B. Cousens has, if you have been paying attention for the last while,consistently been taking shots at Arnold. I campaigned against Mr. Arnold for many of the reasons B. Cousens cited about how the Conservative Party was prior to the last election in 2015.

Since then, as many of us do when somebody reminds us that we are out of step with issues or people, they have transformed many of the policies of the Harper government. Arnold can be seen any time in his office when he is not sitting. I would suggest B. Cousens contact his constituency office and make an appointment. That worked for me, and I am sure it would work for B. Cousens.

Or B. Cousens can continue to take shots at any Conservative they see and probably not see any forward momentum with the issues cited. The choice is there.

Dean Roosevelt