No respect for memorial

When’s was the last time you walked the path on 25th Avenue?

I do it every day and have for the past four years.

It’s by far one of the most beautiful walk paths in Vernon.

Full grown tree line it and there’s a bridge over a small creek. There are benches along the path and friendly walkers that smile and chat while walking their dog or taking in exercise.

I want to bring to your attention the utter disrespect that is now happening to our beautiful walking path.

Since April, I along with others, have watched our path turn into a disgusting area.

Disrespectful garbage everywhere and the worst is dirty, used needles laying along the sidewalk.

The Dragoons memorial on the path has been defaced and torn apart. Now it’s used as a gathering spot to shoot up drugs, smoke drugs and drink alcohol openly.

I’m sad when I walk by and see the garbage they leave behind on the B.C. Dragoons memorial honouring the very men and women that died fighting for the very freedom we are living in today. Both my grandfathers fought in the war and it angers me to my core when I see the ignorance and lack of respect for our heroes.

The city needs to get on top of the problem.

Every day it gets worse and I see no end in sight.

Why is this OK with you? Why are you not taking better care of our city?

Laura Wilson