Okanagan band praised

I want to publicly thank the Okanagan Indian Band for doing such a great job during the 2017 flood.

I live by Kin Beach in (Okanagan Landing, and I saw the band members in their clean, red shirts out every day filling sandbags on Lakeshore Road.

The trucks from the band kept coming, dumping piles of sand and bags in the parking lot.

And the bags kept getting filled by a stalwart crew of fine young people from the band out to help the community in a time of crisis.

Many of those sandbags were used by people living on Okanagan Indian Band land along Lakeshore Road, but many more were picked up and used by people living on land in the City of Vernon.

This was crucial flood relief for all of the people living along Vernon Creek and Okanagan Lake.

And it was all accomplished in a polite, friendly and efficient manner.

I feel that we owe a debt of gratitude for this incredible service they provided, and a few words of thanks is the least I can do.

Marv Machura