Plants gone

A month ago and again recently, someone has taken several special plants from the large circle planter in front of the Schubert Centre.

These plants were brought there from my home and were planted there for sentimental reasons.

How could you do this? The Schubert Centre is a non- profit organization that relies on volunteers to operate. I am one of those volunteers.

Replacing those plants will cost about $300. I am asking you to donate this money to the Schubert Centre.

The Schubert Centre is protected by security cameras so be aware.

On April 28, in the Village Green Centre parking lot in front of Starbucks, a woman in a red sedan backed up and collided with my parked car.

We exchanged information and when I got home to file the claim, I found that she had taken her information and not mine. Apparently, you have not reported this to ICBC and I urge you to do so.

I am leaving this with your conscience as this seems to be how you live.

S. Kachuk