Provide dignity

Anybody else notice completely normal looking people and very elderly people walking the streets with shopping carts? It’s not just the people who mumble to themselves anymore (no offence intended to those with ailing mental health).

There are so many demographics suffering due to Band-Aid economics, the housing market crisis, and other results of nearly two decades of libertarian leadership. The cost of living often surpasses the financial capabilities of a working couple.

We see people suffering who typically would have social/health care support systems or job availability that could pay for the shelter of a home needed to live, work, and feel dignity.

I feel like Vernon/Okanagan sees a lot of what other communities might not and, although we all can do more about it personally, I see absolutely no response from government or city council. That is, other than ensuring the public that we have plenty of police forces to prevent campers from becoming eyesores.

See beyond the addiction. See beyond the poverty.

These are living creatures, possibly mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons or daughters. They deserve food in their stomachs, a roof over their head and honest work just as much as anybody else. Those we see suffering didn’t create these things, and they definitely are victims of systematic failures. And no, simply just creating more jobs is not a rational solution to the situation that has developed.

Ryan Plouffe