RCMP officers earn top marks

On behalf of the owners, tenants and commercial businesses located in one of Vernon’s downtown residential apartment complexes, we, the landlords, want to graciously thank each and every corporal, constable and other various staff members of our local RCMP detachment.

Your quick response and professional conduct in dealing with and helping us handle a criminal element during the past few weeks is now over.

We feel like we have our home back once again.

It needs to be said that we also had a couple of other supporting factors — video surveillance cameras, and brave support from some of our tenants and business owners — which resulted in the removal of this criminal element.

When these factors, along with the members’ visits, came into play, it changed this situation for the positive and at the same time, we realized that without this support, this situation could have very easily escalated beyond the thefts, vandalism, physical altercations and verbal threats, etc. which had been occurring for the past few weeks.

Once again, to all of the members who attended thank you.

They include among others, Corporal Leeson and constables Taylor, Hamilton, Spoor, McCauley, Kineshanko and Beaulieu.

Each and every one of you went beyond the normal call of duty.

You used your intuitive training in seeing through to the truth of what was happening to us and did what you could within your legal authority to help us through this ordeal.

This is something which we were acutely aware of and will never forget.

It’s sobering to think that every single hour of every single day, there is a probable threat or crime of some kind occurring against some person or property here in Vernon.

But fortunately for us, we live in one of the most democratic countries in the world, where some of the best in law enforcement in the world is located, including Vernon.

Thank you from all of us,

Sherman Cherowka and Christine Jilek, managing landlords

Imperial Court Apartments