Road lines

Something has to done to reverse the absolutely insane decision made by the ministry of transport to only allow green, aka latex, paint for road lines across Canada! I have been a painter for 55 years and I just recently found out that latex was being used for linage.

I wondered why linage had been so terrible and not there for the last few years compared to the old days.

The roads are made out petroleum (asphalt) and a line painted with alkyd, aka oil paint, is far far superior and much longer lasting and the absolutely miniscule amount of oil-based line paint compared to the volume of oil used to make the road amounts to next to zero.

I have heard that there is a new paint with some sort of fancy reflective material embedded in it will be available soon.

So what, the vehicle it is in is still latex paint and it will not last any longer. And I’m sure very expensive to the taxpayer. How many people have died and been injured on our roads because of some ignoramus in Ottawa looking green — saving the planet — whatever? We will never know, will we?

Barry Novak