Road mess

According to our MLA, Eric Foster, the Stickle road issue is akin to a dead horse. I always feel bad when someone throws a tarp over a faint, beating heart. I try to help resuscitate whenever I can.

Here is my dose of Narcan, maybe it’ll help. Anyone driving that road wonders why the speed limit was raised from 48th Avenue and Highway 97.

Leaving it at 60 kilometres would allow the northbound traffic to prepare to slow down for the traffic light that could be installed for a fraction of what is proposed in two or three years (at the rate it is going now).

Having a light that would allow a left turn safely seems not to be what the kingdom builders want.

Fortunately, the regional district doesn’t name monuments after anyone alive (as in Sewards Folly) so we won’t know who to blame this fiasco on. Speaking of the regional district, anyone wonder why no comment from them?

They obviously don’t drive on any roads in the BX. Are they afraid they will be exposed and chucked out next election because of their inaction? Another reason not to have this group do this massive, colossal waste of time and money: just drive down Pleasant Valley Road and check the cratered mess these clowns made earlier this summer.

They may as well have had the Three Stooges do it as at least the comedic value would have been there.

How no one has been killed is amazing, especially when their mission was to fix the road, not make it like bombers were at work.

Have you been for a walk in the “pave paradise install a freeway” area lately? I used to stroll there, looked for odd beastie and saw a nest of two headed snakes — rubber boas — which happen to be on the protected species list.

I guess the powers-to-be figured to wipe them out just to teach them a lesson.

More important to put a one-way street in to really foul the traffic pattern up. Anyone else have any issues?

Bob Johnston