Stickle plan is off base

It’s hard to believe how closed minded our government officials are on the Stickle Road intersection.

Did they not come and actually look at the problem? A number of the accidents at the intersection involved RVs, either leaving the RV park to go north or across the highway to a business. In order to accomplish this, they had to maneuver through first two lanes of traffic coming from the north at highway speeds, then into two lanes of traffic coming from the south. This maneuver is a very difficult one, especially with a long trailer behind.

The same situation occurs when entering from the east.

The speed of the approaching traffic makes it a very tricky maneuver. The solution presented is a very confusing one. The traffic that wants to go north will now have to go south into town and find a way to turn around and then come back north.

From the east side, they will have to go into town to a major street, then proceed down this all ready busy street to return on their way north. What about RVs coming from the south and wanting to enter the park?

Somehow I cannot see the logic or safety in these situations. What are they thinking?

Why not a light or at the very least, reduce the speed limit?

G. Bouey