Stickle Road

You kindly published a letter I sent a couple of years ago about the Stickle Road intersection, advocating a roundabout. Thanks for that.

I would still advocate a roundabout as a sensible solution to the problem. Better still, just block the intersection to left turns on to the highway heading south. Cheap, simple, quick.

I never attempt to turn left on to the highway and actually quite enjoy the serenity of the short drive down Pleasant Valley Road back into town.

Do the individuals who want to see a light there have any concept of the frustration a south or northbound driver is going to feel, especially in the peak traffic season, when they see themselves forced to stop, along with the inevitable tail back of vehicles, just to let one vehicle turn on to the highway?

I use the intersection most days during work and I seldom see more than a couple of vehicles at one time trying to turn on to the highway.

Nick Jordan