Stickle Road

Mr Payne, Have you actually been to College Way? You are trying to compare apples to oranges in saying that Stickle Road is like like College Way

They both intersect Highway 97, but the problem is that Stickle Road enters only one side of Highway 97 which does not make it a complete intersection, like College Way, which has two side roads intersecting Highway 97 with a complete set of lights, which brings the highway traffic to stop when traffic the side road wish to get on to Highway 97.

The amount of traffic that comes down Stickle Road is very small compared to College Way. The idea of breaking the flow of traffic for a few cars does not make economical sense.

The two traffic accidents t hat have happened at that left-hand turn at Stickle Road involved small trucks pulling a trailer and I bet the drivers of both trucks making the left-hand turn misjudged how fast the cars were coming down Highway 97.

Most cars and trucks do at least 10 miles over the speed if not more.

The problem is not that so-called Stickle Road intersection. It is us, the driver, who seems to think he has the right to go as fast as he can get away with, until he causes accident or he kills someone. The government made the right decision in closing left-hand turns because we as drivers will not use common sense when we drive, and I’m included.

Since I moved up from the Lower Mainland, I have never been cut off so many times.

Robert Slomen