Finance Minister Bill Morneau rises during question period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, Sept.26, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Tax changes hurt

We operate a small incorporated family business. We’ve had some pretty lean years and thankfully we are becoming busier of late. Such a blessing. In regards to Mr. Atkins’ letter in the Sept 20 edition of The Morning Star that Andrew Scheer has cherry-picked, misrepresented and spouted hyperbole regarding the Liberals’ small business tax changes, yes Mr. Atkins, these changes will hurt us. They assume that we cheat on our taxes. We don’t. They assume that because it’s family, we give under the table perks. We don’t. They assume that we’re trying to hide income — keep it in the family so to speak.

We’re not. We declare income and expense just as it is. We work hard every day to make a go of it. We spend locally. Purchase goods locally.

We contribute to the local economy. People have complained over and over about Stickle Road and that our elected officials are not doing what they were elected to do.

Well Mr. Atkins, we have a Liberal leader in Ottawa who is bent on ramming these tax changes down Canadian throats.

He’s not listening to the public voice or the voices within his own party who say this is not a good plan.

That sir is arrogance, even dictatorial. This is not good for Canadian small business. As you may well assume, I did not vote Liberal.

You are right sir, that Conservative-minded or any other minded Canadian for that matter deserves better than what we have for Liberal leadership in Ottawa.

It is my hope that this party and its leader do not get re-elected next time around because they are making a mess of things.

Gary Dyck