Brian van Wensem

Paul Taylor opens dance season

The Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society announces the launch of its 2015/16 Dance Series

Centre Point: Centre wraps up the season

The Vernon Performing Arts Centre has a few concerts and recitals left before summer begins.

Centre Point: Break a leg, but not in the literal sense

The VDPAC is home to some of Vernon’s best. See for yourself (broken bones not required) when you attend these next few events:

Centre Point: On with the shows

It’s one of the busiest times of the year for the performing arts so don’t miss your chance to take in these great performances.

Centre Point: Arts scene is as busy as the bees

The arts scene in Vernon is about as busy as it gets throughout the spring.

Shows abound this Spring break

We are spoiled in Vernon with incredible selection, especially throughout the busy spring performance season

Centre Point: Spring’s awakening

Don’t wait ‘till spring to check out what’s happening in the arts.

Centre Point: The fun continues post-Carnival

The busy season for the arts is just ramping up as the Vernon Winter Carnival wraps up.

Centre Point: Enjoying winter’s splendour

The Vernon Performing Arts Centre's Brian van Wensem is snowed in and loving it.

CENTRE POINT: Take a breather this Christmas

Caravan Farm Theatre’s Winter Sleigh Ride show starts this Thursday.

Centre Point: Theatre season is merry and bright

With December only a week away, the spirit of Christmas is gaining serious momentum.

Centre Point: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

From caterpillars to Celtic music and dance, and violins to vampires, there is something for everyone in the coming weeks.

Centre Point: Indulge on shows

This is the season to add a little something extra to your life - a full calendar of incredible concerts, dance, theatre and storytelling.

Centre Point: Follow the paper trail to some incredible performances

A look at the shows that have been clogging up Brian van Wensem's desk at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre.

Centrepoint: Autumn has officially started

The Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre kicks off a new season of top-notch entertainment, starting with WWE's Mick Foley

CENTRE POINT: Enjoy the season in the sun

As we anxiously await solstice and ensuing summer fun, there are still a few more chances to catch the finest up and coming local talent.

CENTRE POINT: It’s recital season

Local and visiting groups stage shows in dance, music, theatre and more, along with Creative Chaos , which returns to Vernon June 6 to 8.

CENTRE POINT: Nothing beats live

Experience the energy for yourself at the live events reaching their moment in weeks to come.

Centre Point: The best job

Working in a highly creative job in the arts for over five years now, Brian van Wensem enjoys endless diversity in the work he does.

CENTRE POINT: Ready for spring

Lots of performances coming up at the Performing Arts Centre and in Vernon