Carole Fawcett

BOOMER TALK: Christmas love

To be loved and accepted is one of the key ingredients to being happy.

BOOMER TALK: The psychology of a smile

The Schubert Centre is the site of the fourth annual Spirit of Laughter Jan. 20

BOOMER TALK: It takes change

For someone who suffers from serious anxiety, it may very well seem like the whole world is conspiring against you.

BOOMER TALK: Choose kindness

Let’s all send our love to all of those in the LGBT community

BOOMER TALK: Our emotional noise

Emotional noise includes feelings or thoughts that may pull you down

BOOMER TALK: Just call me Rev

Is it just me, or are you noticing that people are quoting unreliable ‘news’ that they have obtained

Hello ageism

Ageism is a form of discrimination and prejudice based entirely on a person’s age

BOOMER TALK: The trauma within

It could be said that almost everyone has experienced some type of trauma in their walk through life

BOOMER TALK: Compassion counts

There was a fellow shivering outside, hoping for someone to drop a few coins into his hat

BOOMER TALK: Just chill

In one day I ran into three grumpy people. Four, if I count myself that is. Because who’s perfect anyway?

BOOMER TALK: Bullying at work

Bullying is any type of behavior that makes someone else feel disempowered and belittled.

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Fire up the grill this Canada Day

July 1 is the perfect day to enjoy some al fresco dining

Boomer brain kicks in

BOOMER TALK: Carole Fawcett is a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and freelance writer

BOOMER TALK: Synchronicity and me

It was psychologist Carl Jung who first coined the phrase synchronicity.

BOOMER TALK: Read the directions

Note to self: In the future, photograph everything purchased before taking it out of box.

BOOMER TALK: My first love

It was 1957. I was nine-years-old and it was the year we adopted eight-week-old Rex.

BOOMER TALK: A life changing gift

Upper Room Mission plays a critical role in the community

BOOMER TALK: Virtual communication

Smart phones allow people to connect and interact, pretty much non-stop, about everything and anything

Hello sweet pea

Here come the boomers who are being bombarded with it-is-not-okay-to-look-your-age messages by advertisers

BOOMER TALK: The glorious gift of aging

It seems that as we age, the landscape of our lives changes a lot. By landscape, I am talking about everything to do with aging.