Cathi Litzenberger

Gluten-free but sweet

Cathi Litzenberger offers some tasty desserts for those who are avoiding gluten, either by choice or for health reasons

Meals provide some comfort

Today’s recipes are perfect examples of food gifts that can be brought to a grieving family.

KITCHEN WIT AND WISDOM: Let them eat sheet cake

There’s nothing much faster than baking a sheet cake to feed the hordes.

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Cooking through the winter doldrums

Cathi Litzenberger offers up a few warm and cozy recipes to get people through the winter blahs

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Slow-cooked flavour

The crock pot is a great time-saver that can make tasty and nutritious meals for those who don't feel like sweating over a hot stove

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Make it sparkle at New Year’s Eve

Christmas leftovers are given a Mexican spin, and orange sherbet adds a festive touch to a big bowl of punch

A gingerbread Christmas tradition

Cathi Litzenberger has fond memories of her children making gingerbread houses with their cousins at Christmas

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Holiday breakfast begins

Christmas breakfast can be prepared ahead of time, giving you more time with family and friends on the big day

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: A taste of Christmas in Quebec

Tourtiere is the shining star for a French-Canadian Christmas Eve celebration

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: An appie exchange fills the freezer

Cookie exchanges have long been a popular Christmas tradition, but an appetizer exchange is a great way to stock up for the holidays

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Keep it simple

Appies are a quick and easy treat to serve to your holiday company

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Thanks, Mom, for the Christmas tradition

Cathi Litzenberger fondly remembers the Christmas pudding her mom used to make, as well as the tasty sauce that accompanied it

Fruitcake is an ancient tradition that endures

Cathi Litzenberger looks at the history of fruitcake and offers a variety of recipes

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Start liqueurs now for holiday gift-giving

Homemade gifts can be a nice alternative to those purchased in a store

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Soup pot filled with love

Cathi Litzenberger marks her 15th year of sharing her love of food for Morning Star readers with her favourite soup recipes

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Make it spooky for Halloween

Cathi Litzenberger offers up some fun treats that the kids can help make and get them set for trick-or-treating

Pumpkins provide vast culinary delights

The following recipes are favourites that you are sure to enjoy.

Quilters work to leave a ‘Legacy’

Legacy of Quilts VIII Show begins Sept. 27 and runs to Sept. 28 at the Vernon Recreation Centre

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Don’t toss green tomatoes into the compost

Cathi Litzenberger said there are so many things that can turn unripe tomatoes into a tasty treat

Kitchen Wit and Wisdom: Salmon’s healthy rep is well-deserved

Salmon has a multitude of health benefits, but it's also delicious and versatile