Cathi Litzenberger

Kitchen Wit and Wisdom: Make some spicy gifts

Cathi Litzenberger says it's not too early to get started on Christmas gifts of the homemade variety

Kitchen Wit and Wisdom: Peppers bring colourful taste

Peppers are in abundance all over the North Okanagan

Kitchen Wit and Wisdom: Indulge in late summer harvest

Fresh tomato soup recipe pairs nicely with slow cooker caramel poached pears.

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Peaches are ripe for canning

Canned, made into jam, cobblers, frozen or fresh, peaches are a versatile summertime treat

Transforming the humble zucchini

Food columnist Cathi Litzenberger says the versatile zucchini can take a variety of cooking methods, with great results

Kitchen Wit and Wisdom: Celebrating a life well-lived

Cathi Litzenberger shares some favourite family recipes in honour of her much-loved mother-in-law

Simple prep for summer

Fresh corn and local tomatoes are an ideal summertime treat and can be used in recipes that are quick to prepare

Raspberries bring flavour

Fresh and local raspberries are ready for picking or purchasing in the North Okanagan and are a versatile addition to any meal

FOOD FEATURE: Dip into these fresh summer choices

Recipes for appetizers and/or dips, great for summer lunches and entertaining.

Kitchen Wit and Wisdom: Dip into these dips

Bacon lovers will be all over these dips, a savoury and spicy addition to any appetizer plate.

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Ancient grains for today’s salads

Cathi Litzenberger offers up a couple of salads that are perfect for company as they can be prepared ahead of time

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: It’s time to fire up that barbecue

Cathi Litzenberger says as the weather heats up, it's time to get out of the kitchen and outside for warm-weather meals

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Celebrate July 1 with tastes of the season

Rhubarb and strawberries are in season, local and ready to eat as is or mixed into a pie

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Peas fresh from the pod

Cathi Litzenberger's childhood memories of fresh peas from the garden inspire today's recipes

Childhood treat is still a hit

Cathi Litzenberger recalls the ice cream her mom used to make and offers a similar recipe that calls for fresh strawberries

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Strawberries have arrived!

Fresh, local Okanagan strawberries have arrived with their flavour and versatility

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: An aphrodisiac from the garden

Strawberries have long been associated with love, and with local strawberries about to hit the markets, now is the time to serve them

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Inspired by the sea

A trip to Vancouver Island provides all the inspiration Cathi Litzenberger needs for this week's recipes

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Best of the season

Okanagan strawberries aren't ready for picking, but imports will work well in these tasty desserts

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Rhubarb: the fruity vegetable

It's a short but sweet growing season for rhubarb, and it means that spring is officially under way