Cathi Litzenberger

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Plan ahead for Christmas breakfast

Cathi Litzenberger offers some easy and tasty make-ahead meals, giving you more time to enjoy family, friends and the holidays

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Take a break from the elaborate

Cathi Litzenberger offers up some easy-to-prepare meals to give you a time to relax admidst the holiday frenzy

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: ‘Tis the season for chocolate

Chocolate is the treat of choice for many people with a sweet tooth but the good news is that it can also be good for you

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Treats with international flavour

Cathi Litzenberger looks around the world for Christmas inspiration and finds it in New Zealand and Austria

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Building Christmas memories

Gingerbread houses, cookie decorating are activities that are fun for the whole family and help create memories for a lifetime

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: It’s not too early for Christmas cake

Traditional Christmas cake needs a little planning to ensure it has time for all of the flavours to blend

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Soup’s on for 15 years of good taste

Cathi Litzenberger celebrates 15 years as a columnist with The Morning Star

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Cook with a Halloween theme

It's the perfect time of year to get creative in the kitchen and Cathi Litzenberger shows you how

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Scare up some ghoulish treats

With Halloween approaching, it's time to get spookily creative in the kitchen

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Make it without gluten

Cathi Litzenberger shares a tasty gluten-free recipe for minestrone along with a delicious squash stuffed with quinoa

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Thanksgiving meal is a labour of love

Thanksgiving feast is hours of work but worth it for the taste that can't be purchased in a store

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Pluck a prune plum

Cathi Litzenberger had disdain for prune plums while growing up, but has since discovered the versatility of this tiny purple fruit

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Celebrate the apple harvest

The Okanagan apples are ripe and ready for eating fresh or baking up into tasty, homemade treats

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Help is at hand for all of that zucchini

An excess of zucchini causes many a gardener to groan with despair, but this versatile squash forms the basis of many a meal

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: It’s time for a tomato marathon

Take one of the summer's favourites and spend a few hours canning and putting up jars of tomato sauce for the winter

It’s time to stock up on Mason jars

Nature's bounty will keep your pantry stocked up for the winter

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Fish is not just for Fridays

Cathi Litzenberger explains the history behind no-meat Fridays

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Peppers are ready to get stuffed

Red, yellow, green or orange: bell peppers are a perfect summer food and filling them up makes them even more tasty

Kitchen Wit & Wisdom: Zucchini won’t go to waste with these recipes

Stuffed zucchini cups and zucchini, goat cheese and herb salad are a wonderful thing to make when the abundant squash grows out of control.

Get your kids to pack a picnic

Summer is the perfect time to get kids involved in helping prepare a picnic basket and heading out to the beach or park.