Colin Mayes

MP REPORT: Tourism growing

MP Colin Mayes provides details on federal policies about tourism

MP REPORT: Conserving Canada’s fisheries

The recreational fisheries conservation partnerships program was introduced in 2013

MP REPORT: Protecting Canada’s waters

Colin Mayes touches on federal policies surrounding major waterways

MP REPORT: Reducing emissions

Colin Mayes provides information on greenhouse gas emission policies

MP REPORT: Tax rules help charities

Colin Mayes provides details about federal government policies

Minister responds

Federal Health Minister's letter to Mayor Vancouver on marijuana

MP REPORT: Targeting terrorism

Colin Mayes takes a look at how terrorist groups finance themselves

Budget briefing

MP REPORT: MLA Colin Mayes delves into this year's federal budget

MP REPORT: Budget far from boring

Colin Mayes provides constituents with details on the new federal budget

MP REPORT: Life means life

Colin Mayes supports legislation directed towards those who commit heinous crimes.

MP REPORT: Supporting seniors

Colin Mayes details some of the funding that has helped local seniors

MP REPORT: Government ensures investment

Colin Mayes says providing an investment climate that attracts investment in the economy will create jobs,

MP REPORT: Our duty to defend

Canada’s Government has taken action by introducing the Anti-Terrorism Act in the House of Commons Jan. 30.

Court sets timeline for changes to law

MP REPORT: Physician assisted suicide discussions cut to the heart of beliefs and values

MP REPORT: Lowering fees

Colin Mates talks about the federal government's role with credit card companies

Transparency key to policies

Okanagan-Shuswap MP provides some thoughts on refugee policies in Canada

MP REPORT: Promoting Canadian values

Colin Mayes provides information on some federal government decisions

MP REPORT: Action taken

MP Colin Mayes provides details on the government's response to child poverty

MP REPORT: New law adds protection

Colin Mayes provides details on prescription drug monitoring and regulations

MP REPORT: Homelessness a priority

Colin Mayes' defends the federal government's homelessness strategy