Campfires require common sense

Adventure Bay blaze a powerful reminder of the risk wildfire poses to residents in the North Okanagan

EDITORIAL: Rainbow connects all residents

The District of Coldstream may soon become the first North Okanagan community to put up a rainbow-coloured crosswalk

EDITORIAL: Local politicians show their bias

The B.C. Liberals made much of Eric Foster’s acclamation as the Vernon-Monashee candidate, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise

EDITORIAL: Arnold’s criticism requires balance

Not surprisingly, North Okanagan-Shuswap Mel Arnold has slammed the Liberal government and the spring session...

EDITORIAL: Funds deserve a critical look

It’s a tradition for the party in power, in the months leading up to an election, to give away or re-announce a whole bunch of money

EDITORIAL: Street issues require action

Merchants shouldn’t be discounted when they express frustration about panhandling or the perception that downtown Vernon isn’t safe

EDITORIAL: Lookout is a complete mess

If a small project like this can go off course, you have to wonder if the ministry has the ability to handle more complex tasks?

EDITORIAL: Blackway brings region together

Thursday’s premiere of the film Blackway was a momentous occasion for Enderby and the North Okanagan

EDITORIAL: MLA’s Stickle absence noticed

Thursday’s open house on Stickle Road certainly drew a crowd, but one important person was missing

EDITORIAL: Victoria ignores Lumby’s needs

Anyone who stands in line at a walk-in or doesn’t have a family doctor knows there is an ever-growing shortage of family physicians

EDITORIAL: Common sense greatly needed

Considering the destruction taking place north of us it is appalling that people still do not get the message about fires.

EDITORIAL: It’s time to support Alberta

It’s with context and understanding that we watch the emergency in Fort McMurray unfold

EDITORIAL: Hullcar security a non-issue

Ministry of Environment overreacted when it contacted the RCMP about a town hall meeting in Spallumcheen

EDITORIAL: Trail on right track so far

And now it’s the community’s turn to step up to the plate

EDITORIAL: Solidarity shows from all

Judging from the tributes that have poured in, it’s clear that Sarah Beckett had a positive impact on people

EDITORIAL: Cultural process needs focus

The Vernon Public Art Gallery and the Greater Vernon Museum have been allowed to stagnate

EDITORIAL: Kyllo must meet with trustees

No matter what they do, a $1.1 million shortfall means significant cuts will be required to balance the 2016/17 budget

EDITORIAL: Mussel funding requires certainty

Victoria announces an extra $2 million to try and prevent quagga and zebra mussels from arriving in Okanagan lakes

EDITORIAL: Agriculture ministry must be a priority

The Regional District of North Okanagan board is right to question the Ministry of Agriculture over staffing levels at the local office

EDITORIAL: Murphy armoury worth saving

The Brigadier Murphy Armoury is an imposing and impressive structure but its days may be numbered