Glenn Mitchell

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: A salute to greatness…

Glenn Mitchell recounts blocking Wayne Gretzky's path, talking to Martin Sheen and getting Jack Nicklaus' autograph


Just completed another successful pilgrimage to Victoria to take the oldest son and his stuff back to UVic

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Study adds to debate

“New research from UBC suggests there may be some truth to the belief that marijuana use causes laziness – at least in rats.”

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Olympics worth keeping

Back among the living after two weeks of holidays, and here’s what I learned from getting away from it all....

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Dialing into reality, virtually

Pokémon Go craze not such a bad thing, but then again keeping us connected to the already essential cell phone

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Getting it right

I’ve got a recycling story for you and no it’s not complaining about the blue box system or anything like that

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Life is for the birds

As I get older I seem to treasure my sleep even more. I find myself going to bed earlier

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: The maple leaf forever?

Here’s a true or false extravaganza all about the red and white and maple syrup.

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: A multiple-choice world

It’s time to clean out the cobwebs in the back of the brain and head for the beach with a clear mind


My claim to fame as a kid, at least in my mind, was that I had the same birthday as Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: A story to tell

I always feel a sense of triumph when I finish reading a book – like a real, hardcover, bonafide, with a binding and real pages

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: For every step forward…

You know how all those labour-saving devices haven’t seemed to free up any more time for us in our busy lives

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Splashing into summer

Welcome to the unofficial beginning of summer in Canada - the Victoria Day long weekend

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: A bridesmaid no more

The Morning Star team are the perennial bridesmaids at the Junction Literacy Centre Adult Spelling Bee Challenge

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: It’s about time I guess

If you compare my mug shot in today’s newspaper with last Sunday’s, you might think one thing: this guy had a rough week

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Slow down and live, 2.0

Every now and then a small thing happens to you that makes you reflect a little bit on the bigger picture of the present state of your life


The United Nations released its annual World Happiness Report and we came in a solid No. 6

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Stepping into the spotlight

I have to admit I was one of those watching to see how America would react to our new version of Trudeaumania

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Spring in our step

The weather around here lately has been positively breathtaking.

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: On the road again

Ah, the memories. The broadened horizons. There really is nothing like travel.