Glenn Mitchell

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: And then there’s the game

In case you didn’t know there’s a certain game on television today that may or may not grab your attention

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Tuning into other things

One of my resolutions for this still new year was to watch less television.

I spy with my little eye…

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Welcome to the third day of 2016. How’s it going so far?

It’s beginning to look…

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (within reason, of course)

NFL dishes out an epic

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: I would say I’m a casual fan of the NFL...

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Life’s a gas, naturally

I actually bought a Set for Life scratch ticket the other day, which is usually a sign that it’s been a less than stellar week

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Make sure you vote

I agree that the twinning arena plan may not be perfect and may even seem a little bit rushed

Getting’ it wrong

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Lyrics can be a tricky business

Let’s not do the time warp

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: To time change or not to time change, that is the question

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Against all odds

I’m writing this before the Lotto Max record-breaking draw on Friday night for $60 million

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: More questions than answers

I have to ask a few questions to get them out of my brain because if they rattle around in there for too long they begin to drive me crazy

On the road again

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: It’s supposed to rain this weekend...

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Enough of summer already

If the truth be told, hey bring on autumn already, enough with the summer full of forest fires and water restrictions and campfire bans...

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: What I did on my…

Glenn Mitchell provides some thoughts on his recent get-away

A mid-summer rant

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: As we head off into the mid-summer season it’s time to clear the cobwebs

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Launching into summer

Apparently this weekend is supposed to be a bit of a reprieve weatherwise

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: The heat is on

I may have an answer for the eternal question and bad joke lead-in: How hot is it?

Back on the job

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: The passing of time has always left me perplexed and gasping for air, as in what just happened here...

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: The list gets longer

Just some thoughts on the world around us such at it is as we, believe it or not, head into the month of June....

So long Don, Dave

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: It’s been a week for farewells on television...