Glenn Mitchell

Getting out of the game

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: It’s gotta be one of my favourite times of the year...

Theatre Review: Powerful play offers some divine thought

Powerhouse Theatre's The Diviners is a powerful but accessible play about the the comings and goings of a Depression-era Indiana town.

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Welcome to the club

I just turned the big 55 a couple of weeks ago and I’m already reaping the rewards

The more things change…

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Somebody wise once said we hate most in others what we hate most in ourselves, and no, I don’t think it was Shakespeare

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Something to cheer about

I’ve been watching a lot of hockey lately, if the truth be told

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Staying in control

One of my many faults around the house is that I pretty much have to have control of the TV remote.

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Springing to life

Daylight Saving Time kicked in while you were sleeping last night.

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Spring is a relative thing

Going to the Coast for a weekend can be an eye-opening experience

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Spring and other things

Just some notes and quotes from the world around us such as it is in this fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in.....

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Forever in blue jeans

Why no I didn’t go somewhere warm on my holidays but thanks for asking. Ahem. But I got a lot done on the homefront, sort of

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Snow day times two

I think it was about 8 p.m. or so on Monday night when my son and I headed outdoors for the fourth time that day to shovel


Apparently retro is in this Christmas and not a moment too soon for yours truly

The ‘P’ word

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: Procrastination, it appears to run in the family

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Leaving a legacy

The hockey world has taken a big hit with the loss of Canadiens great Jean Beliveau and former Canucks alumnus Pat Quinn

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Snow day, and night

Glenn Mitchell reflects on the white stuff that has blanketed the North Okanagan

For goodness sake

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: I have to admit I always feel good when I vote on election day

More questions

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: It’s time once again to play the game known as what’s been rattling around in my brain lately

Election 2014: Tourism dominates forum

Regional District of the North Okanagan: Forty people gather to hear from incumbent Rick Fairbairn and Huguette Allen

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Winter dawns again

Don’t look now but it’s November already and that means winter can’t be far off in these parts, even though it hasn’t felt that way of late

MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: What time is it anyway?

Time always seems to be slipping away on me, no matter how hard I try to lasso it