Jane Muskens

SCHOOL’S IN: Education critical for a career

Jane Muskens delves into Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission report

SCHOOL’S IN: Literacy is critical

Studies report two-thirds of Canadian workers in the past five years had to learn new skills

SCHOOL’S IN: Looking for the bucks

Jane Muskens on what is motivating many young adults in their career choices

SCHOOL’S IN: Recruitment drives debate

Jane Muskens touches on the issue of training and the economy

SCHOOL’S IN: How happiness prevails

Although they may seem unrelated, two important issues that have been in the media lately are worth considering together

SCHOOL’S IN: Success beyond high school

Okanagan College columnist Jane Muskens on how some find success after Grade 12

SCHOOL’S IN: Shop talk

We need teachers to inspire our young adults to consider trades training

SCHOOL’S IN: Post-secondary skepticism unjust

The decision isn’t about whether or not to go. It’s about getting the right credential to meet the needs of the job market

SCHOOL’S IN: Student safety is critical

Jane Muskens, registrar at Okanagan College on recent school tragedies

SCHOOL’S IN: Funding needed

Research council is proposing a program where students will receive grant funding on a yearly basis

SCHOOL’S IN: New programs available

The B.C. government occasionally finds funding to put toward targeted areas of skills development.