Jocelyne Sewell

Flowers enjoy a late bloom

Gardeners are looking ahead to spring: see sales and what to plant

Garden goes into winter mode

As Jocelyne Sewell puts her garden to bed for the winter, she is already dreaming of next spring and the gardening joy that will bring

A Gardener’s Diary: Blooms still on show

Snapdragons and dahlias in November? Yes, in gardening expert Jocelyne Sewell's Vernon garden.

A Gardener’s Diary: Beating the frost

Fall is here but Jocelyne Sewell is already looking towards spring by preparing her garden with cold frames and plenty of mulch

In the Garden: Ready to harvest

It's the middle of September and that means it's time to think about picking all of those delicious veggies, such as potatoes and squash

A Gardener’s Diary: Sunflowers and sauerkraut

Columnist Jocelyne Sewell is learning the lacto-fermentation process of making sauerkraut.

Making the most of the heat

Jocelyne Sewell offers some warm-weather suggestions for making the most of your summer bounty

A Gardener’s Diary: Green pests feed on tomatoes

The tomato hornworm is a small creature that can do enormous damage in your garden

A Gardener’s Diary: Helping hydrangeas to thrive

It's tricky to grow blue hydrangeas in the North Okanagan, but there are plenty of other gorgeous colours to add to your garden

In the Garden: Earwigs aren’t welcome here

There are several methods of getting rid of these unwelcome garden pests

A Gardener’s Diary: Hummingbirds welcome

Hummingbirds are a delightful addition to your garden — Jocelyne Sewell shares some tips on attracting them

Clubs bloom with success

Garden clubs in Vernon have a full roster of fun activities for everyone from the novice gardener to the

A Gardener’s Diary: Measure by measure

Choosing a pot that is the right size for your plants will help ensure container gardening success.

A Gardener’s Diary: Cold frames are a must

Jocelyne Sewell offers some tips for growing in cooler weather, starting with a cold frame

A GARDENER’ DIARY: Bees are busy pollinating

Jocelyne Sewell shares her tips for companion planting in your North Okanagan garden

A Gardener’s Diary: Spring is blooming

There are some cool weather crops that can be planted in the spring, just as soon as it is warm enough to work the ground.

A Gardener’s Diary: Seedy Saturday is growing

From attracting pollinators to your garden, to fun activities for kids, Seedy Saturday on March 12 promises something for everyone

A Gardener’s Diary: The robins are singing

Gardening columnist Jocelyne Sewell writes her 100th column for The Morning Star and celebrates the early arrival of spring

A Gardener’s Diary: Starting seeds indoors

Jocelyne Sewell shares some of her tips for getting your seeds started and ready for spring planting

A GardeNER’ DIARY: Tips for saving seeds

Gardening expert Jocelyne Sewell has some fool-proof methods for keeping seeds from one year to the next