Ken Mather

RANCH TALES: The cowboy stuntman

Yakima Canutt was born and raised on a ranch in Washington State

RANCH TALES: King of the cowboys

Tom Mix was the first and, for many years, the greatest cowboy hero to grace the screen.

RANCH TALES: The Virginian

A legendary western novel has a connection to Canada

RANCH TALES: Dime novels set the tone

For the past 150 years, the North American cowboy has captured the imagination of the world.

Cattle population driven by fur trade efforts

George Simpson was determined to make his fur trade forts west of the Rocky Mountains more self-sufficient

RANCH TALES: Fort stages first cattle

Ken Mather recounts the story of cattle arriving in the Pacific Northwest for the first time

RANCH TALES: A sad chapter in history

Ken Mather touches on the changing attitudes about marriages between ranchers and indigenous women

A who’s who of ranching

A list of the ranchers who lived with native women reads like a “Who’s Who” of the early ranching community.

The story of Maria Brent

RANCH TALES: Maria Brent was a passionate advocate of the mixed-race children of the early Okanagan ranchers and their native wives

Girlhood days in the OK

RANCH TALES: story told from Swalwell daughter on what life was like

RANCH TALES: The story of Lucy Richter

Native wives were an important part of the ranching community in the Okanagan

RANCH TALES: First families of the Okanagan

Of the early ranchers in the 1860s and 1870s, a significant majority of them had native wives.

RANCH TALES: The Harper brothers

The Harper brothers, Jerome and Thaddeus, began driving cattle into the colony of B.C. in 1860

RANCH TALES: A true character rides the range

Andrew Stobie was born at Duns in Berwickshire, Scotland, Oct. 3, 1866, and came to Canada at the age of 21

RANCH TALES: A Cariboo cowboy

Harry Marriott took the train north to Ashcroft, intending to find work on a ranch in the Cariboo-Chilcotin

RANCH TALKES: Animosity among ranchers

Ken Mather tells the story of Alfred Goodwin and J.B. Greaves

RANCH TALES: Greaves pursues dream

J.B. Greaves intended to control the cattle market in B.C.

RANCH TALES: Greaves tries to corner the cattle market

Joseph Blackbourne Greaves was born in Pudsey, England and came to B.C. in 1864.

RANCH TALES: A mud pup’s story

Ken Mather recounts the story of a young man trying to make it in the Okanagan

RANCH TALES: The legend of Hugh Bayliff

Ken Mather recounts the tale of the mud pup who became a Cariboo rancher