Ken Mather

RANCH TALES: Major’s exploits are legendary

One of the truly colourful characters in the Okanagan Valley in the 1890s was Coutts Marjoribanks

RANCH TALES: Mud pups of the Interior

There was a call to young men to go to the colonies and spread the obviously superior culture of England

RANCH TALES: Best cowboys from Okanagan

Some of the best cowboys in B.C. have been Okanagan natives

RANCH TAES: Rounding up wild horses

By the early 1900s, countless wild horses inhabited the Chilcotin, especially on the ranges north of the Chilcotin River.

RANCH TALES: Taming the wild

During early 20th century, cowboys tame wild horses to meet increasing demand

RANCH TALES: Cattlemen cash in on gold rush

In the fall of 1896, a ragged group of miners got off the boat in Seattle with a fortune in their pockets

RANCH TALES: Cow boss was a natural

Joe Payne was an American with rich and varied experience in handling cattle

British bullwhips catch on

Some tools of the cattle trade originated from the highlands of Great Britain

RANCH TALES: Saddle up for some equine history

Ken Mather talks about how the saddle evolved in North America

Band of brothers

RANCH TALES: O'Keefe curator Ken Mather on the brothers Jerome and Thaddeus Harper and friends John and Oliver Jeffries

RANCH TALES: First settlers at 100 Mile

John and Oliver Jeffries were from Alabama and came to the Pacific Northwest in the 1850s to look for gold

RANCH TALES: B.C. horses fit the bill

The B.C. horses brought in from across the Rockies were universally accepted as the best

RANCH TALES: Ranch hand’s career takes twists and turns

Joseph Harrison Brown was born in Ashfield, County Cavan, Ireland, in 1856 and emigrated to Canada with his family, settling in Ontario...

RANCH TALES: Wild Horse is a true legend

Edward Johnson was one of the last old-time horse breakers in B.C. and Alberta

RANCH TALES: B.C. horses were popular

Historian Ken Mather provides some insight into the early days of the Interior

RANCH TALES: B.C. horses valuable

Province provides a source of horses as demand grows over the Rockies

RANCH TALES: The horse evolves

Horses introduced by the Spanish make their way across North America

RANCH TALES: Bunch grass transformed into orchards

Ken Mather recounts the shift from ranching to fruit farming in the Okanagan

MATHER: Elizabeth Greenhow no pushover

After the death of her husband, Thomas Greenhow, in 1889, Elizabeth Greenhow was determined to carry on with the operation of the ranch.

Greenhow competes with O’Keefe

Ranch Tales by Spallumcheen's O'Keefe Ranch curator Ken Mather