Ken Mather

Early settler delivers

RANCH TALES: Ken Mather touches on some of the drive and determination of Cornelius O'Keefe

O’Keefe makes his mark

RANCH TALES: Cornelius O'Keefe's legacy lives on at O'Keefe Ranch

RANCH TALES: Quite a horse drive for partners

Columnist recounts tale of Adam Ferguson and James Christie, who started with 107 head of wild horses on a trek up the North Thompson...

RANCH TALES: Taming the cayuse

Columnist examines early ranchers who used the small horse on their properties

RANCH TALES: The legacy of the horse

“Cowboys is noisy fellers with.” bow legs and brass stomachs that rides hosses and hates any kind of work they can’t do on one."

Fahionable chaps

O'Keefe Ranch curator Ken Mather's ranch tales delve into chaps

Richter ropes in a love of horses

Ranch Tales by O'Keefe Ranch curator Ken Mather stars Hans Richter

The legend of ‘Roaring Bill’

Ranch Tales by O'Keefe Ranch curator Ken Mather

RANCH TALES: Ranching families launch new traditions

In a previous column, I talked about the common practice of early ranchers taking native wives.

Ranch Tales: Early relationships

O'Keefe Ranch curator lays out B.C. Interior's ranching history

Ranch Tales: the origin of the Chinook language

O'Keefe Ranch curator goes back in time

RANCH TALES: Cattle arrives at Fort Kamloops

Fort Kamloops buzzed with excitement.