Kirbey Lockhart

GUEST COLUMN: Consider options

Tax-efficient investment strategies can enhance your after-tax income

GUEST COLUMN: Benefits exist

Aspousal RRSP is the same as a regular RRSP, except that the former is registered in your spouse’s name

GUEST COLUMN: Blazing the trail

Characteristically, baby boomers have enjoyed higher standards of living than their parents.

GUEST COLUMN: Snowbird insurance takes flight

Heading south to warmer climates during the winter months is part of the retirement dream.

GUEST COLUMN: Insurance can help

Insurance can also help you enhance and protect your family’s wealth.

GUEST COLUMN: Consider a charitable legacy

When it comes to charitable giving, you have a number of different options that can help you

GUEST COLUMN: Prepare for the future

While you run an active business, your exit strategy may be the last thing on your mind.

GUEST COLUMN: Protect your investments

Many business owners have substantial personal assets invested in their business.


A spousal registered retirement savings plan is the same as a regular RRSP

GUEST COLUMN: A charitable legacy

Kirbey Lockhart provides some advice on long-term charitable giving

GUEST COLUMN: Finding marital bliss

Here are some tips to ensure future financial peace for you and your spouse

GUEST COLUMN: Creating your legacy

When it comes to charitable giving, you have a number of different options

GUEST COUMN: Seven questions to ask

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

Keep it in the family

Things to consider if you're going to pass your business on to your children.

GUEST COLUMN: Selling the shop

Things to consider if you are selling your business to someone outside the family.

Grow your retirement income

Kirbey Lockhart provides options for business owners looking to enhance their income retirement

GUEST COLUMN: Tax strategies important

As an owner of a corporation, you have strategies available to help you reduce, or defer, corporate income tax

Retirement goals

Financial planning tips for retiring business owners.

Selling outside the family

Tax-saving strategies to save money when you sell your business to someone outside the family.

How to minimize taxes

Strategies to reduce your tax bill if you own an incorporated active private Canadian business.