Lawrie Skolrood

FIRE SMART: Keep warm, stay safe

The cold weather continues and we are faced with the challenge of keeping snug and warm throughout the winter.

FIRE SMART: Be sure to call 911

For most of us, there is a good chance that sometime in our life, we are going to need to make a 911 call.

Some holiday tips

Vernon Fire Rescue Services have really tried our best to be good this year

FIRE SMART: Fire inspections crucial

Municipalities have a legal responsibility to insure that public buildings meet a minimum level of fire safety

FIRE SMART: Don’t put off being FireSmart

Vernon Fire Rescue Services needs you to help us help you

FIRE SMART: Three simple words

Think, plan and act are huge when it comes to keeping a person out of all kinds of trouble.

FIRE SMART: Safety comes first

It’s a great time to consider some new year’s resolutions for keeping ourselves safe in 2015.

FIRE SMART: CPR saves lives

On Saturday, this year’s mass CPR training will take place at Clarence Fulton Secondary School.

FIRE SMART: Winter the worst for fires

In the winter, we just spend more hours indoors participating in activities like keeping warm, cooking and entertaining

FIRE SMART: Be safe for Christmas

Here are tips from the Canada Safety Council we all need to pay attention to

FIRE SMART: Find the smoke alarm best for you

Working smoke alarms do save lives but only when they meet your specific needs

FIRE SMART: Investigations explained

Lawrie Skolrood provides some information on fire investigations

FIRE SMART: Have a safe Halloween

Vernon Fire Rescue Services would like to pass on some of the top fire safety tips

FIRE SMART: Check your fire alarms

Fire Prevention Week is from today to Saturday this year

FIRE SMART: Protecting your property

Our best strategy against wildfire is to protect our homes with a Firesmart plan

Extinguishers part of firefighting safety

FIRE SMART: You probably walk by at least one of these at some point in your day...

FIRE SMART: Rules in place to keep us safe

Make a pledge to become an expert in the rules for drivers and pedestrians

FIRE SMART: Good Samaritans

It is extremely special when you meet people who have no other motive for what they have done beyond another person just needed their help

FIRE SMART: Burn awareness required

The facts and numbers haven’t improved and people are still needlessly getting burned.

FIRE SMART: Be careful with campfires

The Vernon Fire Department provides a few tips on having a campfire