Maureen Curry

So long, and thanks for all the books

Maureen Curry files her last column for The Morning Star and lists the best books of 2012.

OFF THE SHELF: Beyond the Abbey

While Dowton Abbey fans eagerly await the telecast of season three in early January, here is some new titles to help fill the void.

Off the Shelf: Murder through the centuries

True stories from any era, well told, will always command reader interest, even if they include violence, theft, kidnapping, and murder.

Off the Shelf: Hoeg pens zany adventure

The Elephant Keepers’ Children by Peter Hoeg is a thriller of sorts, but it’s more humorous than frightening.

Off the Shelf: Books adapted to the silver screen

This fall, the selection of films based on books is certainly diverse, with a large crop of adaptations of classics.

Off the Shelf: Koontz talks Odd Thomas

Known for his bestselling suspense thrillers, Dean Koontz has incorporated elements of science fiction, horror, and fantasy into his books.

Off the Shelf: Binchy will be missed

A look back at the life, times, and books of Ireland's beloved author Maeve Binchy

Off the Shelf: Fall into these books

Summer seems to be zipping by, and fall is just around the corner, bringing the busiest season for book publishing.

Off the Shelf: Ephron’s wit lives on

The world lost a talented writer recently with the death of Nora Ephron, a journalist, humorist, screenwriter and director.

Off the Shelf: Check out what everyone else is reading

Maureen Curry takes a look at a few books recommended by a colleague at the Vernon library

Off the Shelf: Actor maps out novel

Rachel Joyce begins her career as novelist with The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

OFF THE SHELF: Some great reading

Maureen Curry takes a look at some suggestions from The Times of London

Off the Shelf: Books to lift you up

Nonfiction titles are full of inspirational moments and ideas from those who have met challenges head on.

OFF THE SHELF: French favourites

Column looks at Nancy Pearl and her Books to Read Before You Die

Off the Shelf: A new place to read

Column takes readers on a behind-the-scenes look at Greater Vernon's brand, new library.

Off the Shelf: A novel reporter

Giller prize winner and former CBC reporter Linden MacIntyre is becoming known as one of Canada's top novelists.

Off the Shelf: Take a gander at these Aussie reads

List of Australian novels will pull the reader into that incongruous and contradictory country down under.

OFF THE SHELF:A Russian history lesson

Robert Massie's Catherine the Great gives insight on one of the most captivating women in history.

Off the Shelf: Moby Dick births more whale tales

It may be more than 150 years old, but Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick continues to fascinate.

Off the Shelf: Dragon Lady leaves lasting legacy

A look at the life of late science fiction author Anne McCaffrey and the Dragonriders series she left as her legacy.