Pat Black

Personal Best: National drug plan needed

Pat Black says voters need to look to candidates who support the issues and initiatives that they care about

Personal Best: Election promises begin

Pat Black says the many promises being made by federal candidates would be a real benefit to seniors — would be nice if they all came true

Personal Best: Blue box irritation continues

Pat Black looks at the new recycling boxes and finds a system that is extremely flawed

Personal Best: Gleaners help around the globe

Pat Black visits the North Okanagan Valley Gleaners Society plant in Lavington and is impressed by what she sees

Personal Best: A time for reconciliation

The beauty of the Elder Project is a marked contrast to the horror suffered by seven generations of indigenous children in Canada

Personal Best: Genuine goodness still exists

Pat Black encounters kindness at various turns throughout the North Okanagan

Personal Best: Seniors advocate takes office

Isobel McKenzie wants to hear from B.C. seniors on their concerns

Personal Best: Salute to the volunteers

Pat Black sings the praises of the volunteers — without them, most communities would come to a standstill

Personal Best: The science of mobility

Seniors columnist Pat Black discovers a few tricks to make it easier to get around, even with an injury or disability

Personal Best: Wealthy is not the reality

Pat Black says the new B.C. seniors advocate is a welcome and much-needed addition to the province

PERSONAL BEST: Anticipating spring

Just because we are old doesn’t mean we are comatose or have lost our sense of adventure.

Personal Best: Thanks, Melissa

Pat Black praises Vernon yoga teacher Melissa Rinvold, who continues her classes by donation at Schubert Centre

Personal Best: It’s time to come home

Pat Black enjoys a visit back to Toronto but says when it comes to home, there's no place like the North Okanagan

Personal Best: Traffic snarls through ‘Big Smoke’

Pat Black finds Toronto traffic a nightmare and said Vernon residents are lucky not to face the same traffic snarls

Personal Best: Make your wishes known

Pat Black said a free community program offered by North Okanagan Hospice Society is a great place to start those difficult conversations

Personal Best: Veterans’ services badly needed

Remembrance Day this year was special. Crowds turned out in great numbers…

Personal Best: From dream to reality

A dream of one very determined man has at last become a…

Personal Best: Thankful for the simple things

In the North Okanagan, it's easy to find reasons to be thankful, especially when other parts of the world experience such suffering

Personal Best: Interior beauty shines though

The flowers are a lot like seniors who may be past their prime, but still offer their interior beauty and wisdom to those who care to look.

Personal Best: Improving local employment

Pat Black said more job opportunities are needed in the North Okanagan for younger and older workers