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The Shipping News author Annie Proulx has just  had her new novel Barkskins published.

Book Talk: Start winter with a good book

This time of year, as the season turns and the weather worsens, is an opportune time to read that book you plan to read.

The Shipping News author Annie Proulx has just  had her new novel Barkskins published.

Book Talk: Canadian stories of WWII

Many Canadians are unaware of how broad and important a role Canada actually played in the Second World War.

Book Talk: Canadian authors write about the world, transcending boundaries everywhere

Peter Critchley shares details of fine Canadian works of both fiction and non-fiction

Book Talk: Bio diversity

The best of biographies do more than paint a fascinating portrait.

A book series

Book Talk: Dip into a series this summer

Librarian Peter Critchley takes a look at some of the great book series available at the Okanagan Regional Library

A book series

Book Talk: Pride on the page

Titles that embrace and celebrate the diversity and continuing to fight for freedom and equality.

Book Talk: The sands of crime

Reading a mystery, while reclining in the cooling shade of a tree at the edge of a hot, sandy beach, is one of the rites of the season

Book Talk: Uncovering written gems

The selection of the books previewed in this column occurred by happenstance...

Book Talk: Life on Mars makes for an intriguing read

The power of the written word is never so evident as when compared to a film based upon it.

Book Talk: The mystery never ends

There is nothing like opening a new book and turning to the first page of the latest volume in a riveting mystery series.

This version of Tolstoy’s War and Peace

Book Talk: Titles for every book lovers’ list

Many of the greatest stories ever written are as vital and compelling as when their authors first put pen to paper.

This version of Tolstoy’s War and Peace

Book Talk: Stories that resonate

Sometimes a story leaps off the page and resonates far after it is read, even years later.

Book Talk: Lest we forget: Canadian stories of war

Books reveal the true stories of Canadian soldiers and battles in First and Second World Wars.

Book Talk: Memoirs to remember

The best memoirs can tell the truth and reveal as much about the author as the subject at hand.

Book Talk: Tackle that book

Summer for many readers is a time of guilty pleasure, a chance to lost in a frothy romance, riveting thriller or even an old western.

BOOK TALK: Good beach reads

A riveting mystery novel and a hot summer day on a white sandy beach go together like a hotdog and mustard.

Book Talk: Dystopian fiction

The dystopian story is tremendously popular in fiction and film. But the term dystopia can encompass far more in the literary world.

Book Talk: Books plant you in their plot

Not everyone keeps a garden. For some people it is simply enough to read about gardens of a different kind.

Book Talk: Stories take authors off the beaten path

When some people travel, they venture off the beaten path to embark on surprising, and often revealing, journeys of adventure and discovery.

Book Talk: A year for the books

The advent of a new year is often a time for pause and reflection, and enduring titles.