Accent LED Lighting lights up skylines

Vernon’s Accent LED Lighting illuminates cityscapes with building perimeter systems.

Accent LED Lighting will be lighting up Okanagan skylines

Accent LED Lighting will be lighting up Okanagan skylines

Standing out from the crowd is a goal many businesses strive to achieve.

Vernon’s Accent LED Lighting has taken that philosophy quite literally with its building perimeter lighting systems.

Over the past few years, Accent LED Lighting has refined its products and mounting systems to create long-distance runs, which have made for some eye-catching lighting on building exteriors.

“We are on the cusp of breakout growth with the lighting being installed on two prominent hotels in Kelowna,” said Brad Hansen, the company’s Okanagan sales manager. “Each will have about 300 feet of linear or strip lighting mounted on the entrance canopy, and each of the two feature towers on the roof.

“West Kelowna will also be fade controlled to animate the towers and will utilize some of our brightest lighting for a highly visible impact.”

Hansen will also be installing some green perimeter lighting on Kelly O’Bryan’s restaurant in Vernon.

Established in 2011, Accent LED Lighting began installing strip lighting for typical lighting applications, including under kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

“We quickly saw potential in taking the linear lighting into the outdoor environment for perimeter outline lighting, Christmas lighting using colour-changing diodes, and reflective smooth accent lighting to counter the spotty look of typical pot lights,” said Hansen.

Significant challenges ensued as the company work to differentiate itself with high-quality, CSA-approved products.

“With much research and help from the B.C. Safety Authority, we secured high-quality products which have been custom designed by Accent LED, enabling us to provide the long runs and meet all code regulations,” said Hansen.

“Care had to be taken to find just the right manufacturer as there are a lot of low quality products on the market. We took our time to research suppliers.”

With the lighting issues addressed, Hansen’s next challenge was to develop a mounting system robust enough to handle the extreme Canadian climate. The result is a sleek, customizeable aluminum tracking system and braces that will last years with no maintenance.

“We refused to use any plastic clips or braces as these simply don’t last,” said Hansen, adding the systems are designed to be energy efficient.

Hansen initially thought Accent LED Lighting’s creation of a market niche would translate into rapid success. He soon realized that introducing new technology to an emerging industry brings a lot of reservations and skepticism.

Now that clients are seeing the potential of Accent LED’s systems, Hansen said they are starting to warm up to the concept.

“Growth has been moderate while we became established and gained larger projects with major companies.”

Now, backed by solid suppliers, and with proven techniques, the company has been engaged by the Best Western Hotel in West Kelowna and Comfort Suites in Kelowna, to light up the roof top towers and entrance canopy for a visible beacon.

“The market is rapidly changing and we’ve recognized that customers are seeking a complete lighting solution beyond our offerings of linear lighting to all sorts of fixture LED lighting, including bulbs, panels, tubes, floods and high-bay lighting.

“We can now review a prospective client’s site, perform a lighting audit and provide a payback analysis which takes into account the initial capital cost of LED fixtures, the clients actual electrical rates, lifespan and maintenance costs between their current lighting and our proposed lighting.”