Kath Raber

Kath Raber

Back To Earth boosts Gleaners

North Okanagan Valley Gleaners Society has received a 1,440-pound boost thanks to Lavington’s Back To Earth Enviro Products.

Owned by Kiley Routley, Back To Earth, along with a number of customer outlet managers, donated nearly three-quarters of a ton of Weeds & Seeds Survival Cereal to the Gleaners, which will be used to provide humanitarian aid in developing nations.

“I always wanted to feed a village,” said Routley, who also sent 2,100 pounds of her cereal to Tanzania in September.

Weeds & Seeds is a certified organic, vegan, wheat-free cereal containing buckwheat, hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, coconut, dandelion leaf, plantain leaf, black currants and cinnamon.

The Gleaners, a volunteer organization, turn surplus food crops into nutritious meals for a hungry world. They also accept donated medical equipment from local facilities, and distribute it to institutions in many countries.

Distribution is handled by reputable and established Christian aid organizations.