CHAMBER NEWS: Celebrating Achievement

Armstrong-Spallumcheen chamber manager says local businesses require support

When a new business opens, an existing business expands, or a long time business celebrates a milestone, there is a surge of excitement within the community as a whole.

Owners, staff, business partners and community residents are empowered by the possibility of future growth and the creation of something different than the status quo.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if new businesses succeeded, customer service exceeded the expected and the milestones of existing businesses were achieved but the community never celebrated the good news and did not acknowledge those who helped make it happen.

The result would be a loss of motivation and a lessening desire to work as hard on the next project or task.

What happens in the community when your business achieves a milestone? When a new product is launched, a breakthrough in manufacturing occurs or a new location is announced, is it celebrated?

Thankfully here in the North Okanagan, most chambers of commerce celebrate their businesses, either through an annual awards ceremony, monthly recognition at networking events or a mention in the weekly newsletter.

Celebrating achievements and milestones is a valuable opportunity for businesses to reenergize employees by thanking the people who helped make the achievements happen.

By not celebrating, businesses miss a golden opportunity to positively connect with staff. By building excitement through celebration and recognition, each employee becomes part of a word-of-mouth communication strategy that includes clients, associates, friends and family.

A good business owner does not lead in a vacuum or go it alone.

There is usually a group of people on a team who have the same vision as that of the leader, and who have worked very hard to achieve results.

Think about it. You have to motivate your staff to want to work with you.

A smart owner makes their employees feel empowered by giving them a sense of ownership, and recognizing their accomplishments. Celebrating achievements, big or small, is a great way to make that happen.

As part in recognizing the achievements of our business and community partners, the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Chamber of Commerce is hosting its Hollywood Night Business Awards and Gala April 21.

Everyone is encouraged to nominate a deserving business or employee from the Armstrong-Spallumcheen area, and then join in the fun of celebrating the achievements of both nominees and winners at this event.

More information can be found at We hope you will join us as we celebrate.

Patti Noonan is manager of the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Chamber of Commerce.