DeVolder has celebrity run-in

Professional speaker hangs out with Enrique Iglesias while in Monaco

When he’s not running miles on the pitch playing men’s 50+ soccer, Vernon’s Mark DeVolder is racking up serious air miles as a professional public speaker.

DeVolder’s latest adventure took him to Monaco, where he spoke to the who’s who of mergers and acquisitions, The Klesch Group. Klesch is a long-term principal investor in industrial and commodities related businesses.

Following DeVolder’s presentation, CEO Gary Klesch invited him to join his staff for drinks.

“After I spoke, Gary Klesch said to me, ‘Hey, Mark, I’m putting on a little something special for everybody today. We’d love to have you there.  Come for drinks at 7 p.m. and I’ll announce what we’re doing,’” said DeVolder.

After drinks, Klesch said he was taking everyone out for dinner, and that he’d arranged for some special entertainment – Enrique Iglesias.

“As the guest of honour, I was seated six inches from the stage,” said DeVolder. “It was a magical evening, totally unexpected.  But then, when you’re in Monaco and working for Gary Klesch, expect the unexpected, as Gary said many times.”

A multiple winner of the Top5 Speakers award, DeVolder’s most popular keynotes continue to be Harnessing the Hurricane: Thriving during Extreme Change, and Get Engaged!  The Business of Relationships.

DeVolder will be speaking in Kuwait Oct. 1 and 2 for Kuwait Finance House, the largest bank in the Arab world. He will also speak in Turkey later that month.