Austria's Simone Kashuba

Austria's Simone Kashuba

Kashuba brings Nussbag to Canada

Austria native Simone Kashuba, now of Vernon, distributing Nussbag in Canada.

Vernon is about to get an infusion of Austrian fashion.

Austria native Simone Kashuba is set to become the Canadian distributor for a line of high-quality handbags and accessories called Nussbag. All of the products are designed by Florian Nussbaumer and made from wood and leather.

Each piece is created in a small workshop, and each one is an original as the grains of the wood are always one-of-a-kind.

Kashuba, the wife of Vernon baseball player Jonny Kashuba (they met when he was playing with the Attnang-Puchheim Athletics in the Austrian pro league in 2006), will be selling the bags online and displaying them at different events in the area.

“We came to love this company while living in Austria, and we knew this was something that Canadians would appreciate,” said Simone, who lived with Jonny for four years in Gmunden, a short drive from where the Nussbags are created.

“We also have a studio at our house where anyone is welcome to come and get an up-close look at these beautiful handbags.”

Kashuba will next be displaying Nussbag at Ladies World on Saturday, Oct. 26.