New music school offers lessons for all ages and abilities

BACHndROLL Music is ready to create some noteworthy performances.

BACHndROLL Music is ready to create some noteworthy performances.

The new music studio, owned by Lisa Parsons, offers Kindermusik classes for children five years and younger, private piano lessons, and theory in a group, or privately.

“Whether you sing in a church choir or play drums and guitar in a rock band, theory is a huge asset,” said Parsons, who teaches both classical and popular piano music.

Operating out of the Pleasant Valley Christian Academy, Parsons has 30 years of teaching experience, and is a member of the Vernon Branch of B.C. Registered Music Teachers’ Association.

She also holds ARCT diplomas in piano performance and piano teaching through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and is a licensed Kindermusik instructor.

Parsons says Kindermusik is a fun, educational music program. It offers high-quality home materials with each unit, including CDs, books and simple instruments. The songs and activities are designed to be part of every day routine.

“Kindermusik activities nurture cognitive, musical, social, physical and emotional development, and promote competent language and speech skills,” said Parsons. “Kindermusik uses a child’s natural instinct for play, stimulates their imagination and takes them into a world where creativity is welcomed.”

Parsons offers Kindermusik programs for children 18 months to three years old, and for children three to five years old.