New website rates valley wines

Vernon-based Don Thompson has recently launched

Wine lovers can access a new website for independent reviews and ratings of wines made only in the Thompson-Okanagan region.

Vernon-based Don Thompson has recently launched

“Our reviews and ratings provide context. How wines here compare with wines made from the same grape varieties worldwide and that helps consumers make good buying decisions,” said Thompson.

“We don’t accept advertising from wineries because we must have freedom to offer objective opinions.”

An annual subscription fee allows individuals access to reviews, articles and biweekly e-mails on a variety of subjects.

Thompson has tasted more than 2,000 wines a year from around the world during the past 40 years and has led more than 100 formal wine tastings in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

“Many of Canada’s best wines come from the Okanagan,” he said.

“Every element necessary for greatness exists here.”