Kristi Bieber works up a sweat as she kicks a dummy at her gym 30 Minute Hit.

Kristi Bieber works up a sweat as she kicks a dummy at her gym 30 Minute Hit.

No timeouts in 30 minute challenge

The 30 MInute HIt teaches kickboxing, boxing and self-defence skills in Vernon

Kristi Bieber gets that it’s hard to find time to work out.

The new owner of the gym 30 Minute Hit, and a mother of three children under the age of eight,  is fully aware that time is hard to come by.

That is why she fell in love with the concept and workout at the 30 Minute Hit in her hometown of White Rock.

“I started working out at 30 Minute Hit when my five-year-old was three-months-old. She was a really tough kid, she had a lot of allergies, eczema, and she was really uncomfortable, so I didn’t eat, didn’t sleep. It was rough. I joined and I swear it just saved my life,” said Bieber

She began working out at 6:30 a.m. every morning with her daughter by her side sitting in her car seat at each station.

The women’s only, 30-minute circuit teaches kickboxing, boxing and self-defence skills. There are 13 stations and you spend two minutes per station with a 15-second transition period between each.

In January, she moved with her husband and children to Vernon and opened her own 30 Minute Hit on Kalamalka Lake Road Feb. 2.

“I always knew I wanted to open one right from when I joined,” said Bieber.

The 30 Minute Hit franchise has 41 gyms across Canada and the U.S., including in Kelowna, Penticton and Kamloops.

The Biebers have always been drawn to Vernon. Camping here in the summers or just passing through, they have known that they wanted to make a life here.

Her husband started his own business from home in the spring so they put their plan into action.

“When we were here in August on a holiday, we started thinking about it seriously again. I looked and there was no 30 Min Hit here, so I called the franchisor and asked if they wanted one in Vernon and they said yes, they wanted one here yesterday,” said Bieber.

“I have done it for the last five years, I have never been bored, never been stronger, there is no cap on your potential, you are always learning, always getting stronger. It has really opened my eyes on what I can do.”

According to Bieber it is a work-out that produces results quickly.

“If you are coming those three days a week, after the third week, you are hitting harder, noticing your clothes fitting differently, then that is motivating to keep up whatever it is that you are doing,” she said.

Vernon’s 30 Minute Hit has been doing well in its first two months.

“It has been fantastic, it is fun to hit stuff. We have totally surpassed our goals for month one and the momentum has continued through month two and women are loving it and committed,”  she said.

The space is child-friendly with a free play area to be utilized during the 30-minute work out.

Each person is taken through the circuit and taught how to properly execute each move.

“When you come in as a member, there is always a trainer on the floor making sure everything is being done safely, correctly, pushing, motivating and challenging you. There is lots of personal attention.”

The Vernon 30 Minute Hit celebrates its grand opening Saturday with a visit from Mayor Akbal Mund.