Nurse Next Door expands

Vernon business takes on franchise in Kelowna area

A Vernon business has cast its eyes south.

Cathy Bilton and Mechal Corbett, owners of the local Nurse Next Door, franchise, have acquired the franchise in Kelowna.

“We launched our business at the end of 2008, about a month after Kelowna, and have kept in close touch with the owners over the years,” said Bilton.

“We’ve talked about taking on Kelowna for the past year or more so this is really exciting for us.”

Former Kelowna owners David Russell and Scott Jacobsen are similar to Vernon’s Cathy Bilton and Mechal Corbett; friends from school who 25 years later,  ventured out as business partners to become the premier home health care company in the Okanagan Valley.

The franchise provides a variety of health related services.

“Our full-time commitment to the operation of our business has paid off, not only in the amazing experiences we’ve had with our clients and client families, but also in the learning that comes with building a successful  business during one of the most depressed economies in Canadian history,” said Bilton.