Lynella and Trevor Henke have owned Vernon Teach and Learn since 2003. (Photo submitted)

Lynella and Trevor Henke have owned Vernon Teach and Learn since 2003. (Photo submitted)

‘Old fashioned customer service’ core of Vernon Teach and Learn

The shop has been able to grow thanks to its dedication to the customer

Twenty-nine years ago, Mavis and Eric Jackson started a teacher supply store in 300 square feet in the basement of their home in the East Hill.

That little humble beginning has now turned into a 9,000 square foot store employing the third generation to work in the shop. Vernon Teach and Learn has won numerous awards over the years including top toy store for Canada from NETS Canada and top five for Small Business in BC in 2017 and currently nominated for Woman Business of the year from Royal Bank for Canada for 2019.

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Trevor and Lynella Henke have owned Vernon Teach and Learn since January 2003. They have three children, and all three girls have grown up in the store. It would not be uncommon to see Lynza, 10, on the till or Janessa, 13, scooping ice cream for you, or Myrissa, four, playing with other children in the store.

Vernon Teach and Learn has grown on just giving old fashioned customer service. From doing special orders for customers to wrapping the gift for you, it is the customer service that brings back the customer.

Lynella is quick to mention that if it were not for the amazing staff that they have the store would not be what it is today. You can find anything from educational products to games, to crafts to ice cream in their vibrant store. Two years ago they expanded and added a birthday party division where they cater to Lego parties and craft parties in their party room at the store.

The business has grown by adapting to changing markets and demands of customers. Trevor and Lynella would like to give a heartfelt thank you to their thousands of customers who have supported them through the last 16 years that they have owned the business. Due to customers shopping locally and supporting ma and pa shops, Trevor and Lynella have been able to grow their business and have achieved many successes.


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