Predator range gets overhaul

The new practice area will reopen in May with a 20,000-square-foot putting green

Practice makes perfect. At least, that is what Predator Ridge Resort is hoping.

Under the watchful eye of golf designer Doug Carrick, the man behind the Ridge Course, Predator’s practice range is getting an overhaul.

The new practice area will reopen in May with a 20,000-square-foot putting green, three times as much bent grass for practicing your long game, and additional targets to fire at.

“It is about taking it all to the next level,” said Rod Cochrane, general manager. “It is the pervasive attitude in everything we do at Predator. We wanted the practice facility to be as spectacular as the courses.”

As part of the change, Carrick will expand the bent-grass hitting area from 18 yards to 45, more than doubling its capacity. Cochrane says that those buying homes and joining the golf courses as members will improve their game with the new practice facility.

“We want our players to be able to hit off great grass surfaces 99 per cent of the time they are at Predator,” said Cochrane.

“That’s our expectation.”

Cochrane says the new practice area will also be a benefit to the resort’s teachers, including lead instructor Mike Soergel, former LPGA pro AJ Eathorne and former PGA Tour winner Richard Zokol, who joined Predator earlier this year as executive director, golf development.

Cochrane says the Swing Like a Girl lesson program, led by Eathorne, and aimed at aspiring female players, has been a huge hit.

“It is a brand that is related specifically to AJ and we’re delighted to have it here,” said Cochrane. “AJ is remarkable – as soon as you meet her you feel like you’ve known her all your life.

“We want our practice and teaching areas to be as impactful as everything else at the resort. It should complement the experience.”