Occupational therapist Anne Ross (from left)

Occupational therapist Anne Ross (from left)

Professionals unite for families

Sky High Professional Group has opened its doors in Vernon

It’s her catch phrase, “the sky’s the limit.”

Kerri Casperson, a Vernon-based registered clinical counsellor for more than 20 years, tells that to parents of kids, most of whom are on the autism spectrum, when they worry about the long-term outlook for their children.

The phrase formed the basis for Sky High Professional Group – four Vernon professionals and moms – who offer services independently but also actively work together as a team for the greatest benefit of children and families within the community.

“I say to the parents, ‘don’t worry about it. The sky’s the limit,’” said Casperson, joined at Sky High by registered social worker Holly Dalgleish; registered occupational therapist Anne Ross; and teacher and tutor Ellie Jensen.

“We took her catch phrase and worked it into everything we have,” added Dalgleish.

The four women opened Sky High in June 2015, after recognizing and valuing counsellors, occupational therapists and educators working closely so that kids could genuinely thrive and find greater success in their home, community and school environments.

“I wanted a group of us to complement each other in our services for children so we’re all focused directly on children and families,” said Casperson.

“We all work with a variety of kids with special needs, with anxiety, with trauma backgrounds,” added Dalgliesh.

Added Jensen: “Our group benefits the families and the learning teams in the kids’ schools and life as well.”

The ladies bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to Sky High.

Casperson specializes in working with children and youth, family counselling and parental support.

Ross, an honours graduate from Queens University, has more than 20 years experience with the public education system as a consultant and collaborative team member for kids aged five to 19. She has extensive experience with children who have autism spectrum disorder.

Dalgleish, who received her Masters degree in clinical social work for UBC Okanagan, has training in psychodynamic counselling, play therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. She has nearly 15 years experience in her field.

Jensen holds a B.C. teaching certificate and a BA and B.Ed. from the University of Lethbridge. She taught for seven years at a school in Calgary focusing on differentiated instruction.

She has been working in the Vernon area as a private tutor to kids with autism, anxiety, OCD, ADD and ADHD, and mild-to-moderate learning disabilities.

“There really isn’t another place like ours in the entire Okanagan Valley,” said Ross.

No referrals are needed and the group provides flexibility.

“We try to meet the needs of our clients,” said Dalgleish who, as a mom of three, knows how challenging it can be to get to appointments directly after school ends.

“We know families are busy. I’m here until 9 p.m. Ellie is here until 7 or 8 p.m. Kerri is here on Saturdays. Trying to get to all of the kids’ appointments right after school is almost impossible. So having that flexibility to come after school or before work or on the weekend is amazing.”

Sky High Professional Group is located in the basement of the Sun Valley Mall on 30th Avenue.