Province looks to Southeast Asia for expanded trade

B.C. is opening a new trade and investment representative office in the Philippines.

B.C. is expanding its presence in the Southeast Asian region by opening a new trade and investment  representative office in the Philippines.

The expansion of B.C.’s trade presence into the Association of  Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region is part of the province’s soon-to-be announced new Asia trade strategy. A presence in ASEAN will put

The Asia Development Bank forecasts GDP growth of 6.3 per cent in the Philippines in  2016, up from six per cent in 2015.

“The Philippines represents a huge opportunity to grow B.C. exports and  attract investment to our province and that’s why we’ve made it a key  priority market,” said Teresa Wat, minister of international trade.

“By expanding B.C.’s export capacity, attracting investments that grow B.C.’s key sectors, and growing economic  relationships in Asia and in the ASEAN region specifically, we can creat