Qiology Pro connects Vernon to Mumbai and beyond

Qiology Pro connects Vernon to Mumbai and beyond

Qiology Pro is an online source for metaphysics professionals around the world

Whether you’re looking to learn something about face reading or you want a few expert tips on using feng shui to improve your home’s energy, Qiology Pro is the place to start.

The worldwide directory of metaphysics professionals is an online source for education and information from the world’s leading qi consultants.

The brainchild of North Okanagan-based Samantha Plovie, the site provides access to consultants and teachers from around the world.

After running a successful business, Chi Solutions, as a feng shui consultant for the past 10 years, Plovie is now on a mission to help others involved in the metaphysical arts to enjoy the same success, at the same time making the them accessible to anywhere interested.

“I had a dream about doing this for a long time, and I’m still consulting with my feng shui business, but I wanted to take it to the next level,” she said. “I was meeting people who had trained in their fields but don’t know what to do in terms of running a business and promoting their business — they might have a Facebook page but that’s it, so I realized they need professional help.

“I also saw clients asking lots of repeat questions and realized they need a hub, a place they can turn to for the information they need.”

Plovie has included a wide range of professionals from around the world, including Joey Yap. Based in Malaysia, Yap is considered the world’s leading authority on feng shui and Chinese metaphysics.

Qiology Pro features online courses such as Introduction to Feng Shui with India-based Sherry Merchant and The One-Room Rescue with Vancouver-based Kathryn Wilking, who designed the course for the busy entrepreneur as an easy and efficient way to revive a space and find support for personal needs.

“Study when you want, with whom you want, wherever you want,” said Plovie. “If you’re curious about the philosophy of metaphysics but didn’t know where to start, welcome to Qiology Pro where you can dive deep into all things qi. Whether you seek a consultant for your home, an advisor for your business, or a mentor to further your education, the Qiology Pro directory has it all.”

Qiology Pro has a number of components: a directory of professionals, online courses and a knowledge hub where you can simply search through a wide variety of articles by the world’s leading qi professionals and have your questions answered.

“Our guest authors for Qiology Pro are experienced and certified professionals with amazing information to share. With contributing guest authors from around the world, our blogs are educational, entertaining, informative and above all else: fun. We believe education is best shared inside descriptive posts holding gems of wisdom tucked carefully within.

“I don’t believe in making people pay every time they need a question answered — I want them to have a Sam anytime they need it.”

For Plovie, the launch of Qiology Pro is the realization of a dream two and a half years in the making.

“But turning that dream into a business is something else,” she said, adding that connecting with Vernon’s Sproing Creative for the design, development and hosting of the site was the first step. “An agency like Sproing can make you a successful person. They are the business side. A vision can be a dream but they brought it down to earth and they ripped my vision apart. They came back and said this is how you turn that vision into a business, but what I loved is they got me.”

As a busy feng shui consultant, Plovie was looking for a different way of doing things, of making sure her clients — and anyone interested in the field — could get the information they need all in one place, while at the same time professionals would have a platform for their services.

“I was busy but I can’t clone me and I thought there has to be another way of doing things. I will still keep my consulting business, and I’m in touch with what the clients need. I am constantly listening. I am a forever learner, a seeker of knowledge.”

Working with Sproing — and during many late nights — Plovie spent just over a year building the site. Now that it’s up and running, she is pleased to see so many of her colleagues in the industry taking advantage of what Qiology Pro has to offer.

“I found a niche because I found that a lot of my successful colleagues were teaching but having a hard time in getting people to get to their courses, so this is a way to promote themselves,” she said. “I have a lot of contacts all around the world and showed them how I could provide value to their business, how I could grow their client base and student base and market them globally. Together we are strong.

“I want to raise the bar in our industry, we not mainstream, we can help businesses get into the mainstream. It’s essentially an online university and I want everyone to know we have people in Europe, Asia, India and Australia.”

Many of Plovie’s colleagues are not working as full-time consultants and may be unsure of navigating the business world. For them, Qiology Pro will offer a business development area.

“It will be things like how to present all of the business things that so many people don’t know how to do, such as insurance. I have realized there is a way to bring the business education component in and share with other professionals. Qi is the gateway, and I look at it as a way to support people. I want to demystify it — it has created a sense of hierarchy and I don’t believe in that.”

A professional directory will list anyone working with qi, such as acupuncturists and reiki practitioners.

Qiology Pro has a number of different levels of membership: Professional, Professional Plus and Jade, with each membership tier adding more perks, all of which include worldwide exposure in the world of qi.

“For the price of a coffee a week, you can position yourself beside the world’s leading qi professionals, and be recognized for what you do. With Jade, the top tier, we provide video on how to engage your audience, and there is an educational component inside every level.

“And I have fun things like feng shui no-nos, face reading, and a bunch of free things. I want people to have education at their fingertips. I am a huge believer in live teaching but if you are at home with young children you can’t just fly off to New York for a course, so this is a great way to start.

“Qiology Pro is a gateway for information, I want to demystify the profession, I want to make the path easier for other people so everybody wins. My role is to not be the big star, my role is to bring people together.”