Rennie ready to retire from Valley First

Paulette Rennie is ready for new adventures after a long career

Paulette Rennie

Paulette Rennie

Paulette Rennie is ready for new adventures.

The president of  the Valley First and Enderby and District Financial divisions of First West Credit Union will retire in June.

“Choosing the right time to retire was one of the tougher leadership decisions I’ve had to make,” said Rennie.

Your colleagues and members become close friends. When I look back, it’s these close connections and friendships that I will cherish the most. I know I’ve been successful because I’ve had so many great people around me.”

During her time as a leader at Valley First, Rennie led the organization through expansion into Kamloops and Enderby and introduced two new banking systems.

“Paulette’s incredibly valuable insights have helped us make and navigate through some of the harder decisions and larger projects we’ve tackled in recent years,” said Launi Skinner, First West Credit Union chief executive officer.

“We wouldn’t have enjoyed the same level of success without Paulette’s experience on our side.”