Silver Star Rotary president Monty Hughes (left)

Silver Star Rotary president Monty Hughes (left)

Restaurant earns top recognition

McDonald's working with Vernon and District Association for Community Living

The McDonald’s restaurant on 25th Avenue has been recognized for promoting an inclusive community.

McDonald’s received the plaque to commemorate the work they have done in conjunction with the Vernon and District Association for Community Living.

Marita Veipans received her training through the association, and after a long period of unemployment, she was once again able to enter the work force.

“I used to be a chambermaid in 1976. I was looking for work when I got laid off for about 35 years and I couldn’t find anything. I finally got a job last year, so I’m really happy to have a job,” said Veipans.

Having a regular paycheque isn’t the only benefit for Veipans. She is also excited about the social aspect of the job.

“It helps me to learn more about other people,” said Veipans.

Lisa Dranchuk, manager of the McDonald’s restaurant, has nothing but good things to say about Veipans and her training.

“It’s really good and it really helps Marita come out into the community and actually have some employment,” said Dranchuk.

“It’s nice because it’s really close to her house and it’s really suited for what she can do. I think she does a very good job.”

If  Veipans runs into any difficulties at work, support from VDACL is just a phone call away.

“If Marita faces any challenges she always calls me and we just help her through them, and Lisa’s been really great too,” said Courtney Niehaus, a member of the association’s community employment program.

“She always takes my phone calls and we chat for a bit to make sure that Marita’s doing a good job and she always is.”

It’s been over a year now since Veipans started working at McDonald’s, and she’s looking forward to continuing her work at the restaurant.

“It’s been 14 months, I love it. I love my job,” said Veipans

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