‘Pappi’ Stewart Brown

‘Pappi’ Stewart Brown

Sleigh rides add jingle to holidays

An old-fashioned tradition has returned up at Silver Star Mountain Resort – horse-drawn sleigh rides.

Santa won’t be the only one riding jovially atop a sleigh this winter.

An old-fashioned tradition has returned up at Silver Star Mountain Resort – horse-drawn sleigh rides.

Wild Horseman Adventures took over the fleet of horses and sleighs earlier this year, and is continuing with the tradition of offering couples, families and friends a memorable ride.

“I think it’s really good that the horses are here because it gives people options,” said Stew Brown, owner of Wild Horseman Adventures.

Whether it’s skiers or boarders looking to take a break from shredding, families taking in the sights at the Star, or a couple seeking a romantic evening, Brown offers options for everyone.

Snuggle up on the sleigh benches and let the gentle giant Percheron or Canadians pull you on a winter wonderland journey.

Brown offers both quick tours around the village parking lot or wilderness trails complete with hot chocolate and/or dinner at the Wild Horseman’s Cabin.

“We put out a good product and I’m proud of it,” said Brown, whose wife Leslie Garcia slaves over home-cooked meals for guests in the intimate cabin.

The sleighs can accommodate up to 10 people, while trips can be made to fill the cabin to a capacity of 40 people.

Those a little horse-shy are assured that safety is a top priority.

“It’s only two horsepower so it’s not that fast,” laughs ‘Pappi’ Stewart Brown.

The excursion has become a popular winter tradition at Silver Star, often running at capacity over the Christmas holidays. The Wild Horseman has even hosted several company gatherings and large groups since getting the sleighs up and running Dec. 1.

Along with a special Christmas dinner sleigh ride, the Wild Horseman has teamed up with Outdoor Discoveries to offer a number of adventures, including a New Year’s Eve extravaganza.

Brown has dreams of expanding the list of options to eventually include lunch rides, and he would also like to see some other four-legged rides brought up to the Star.

“I want to do dog sled up here, I just need to learn how to drive dog first,” grinned Brown.