Students learn skills in The City

The City, a financial life skills resource is a free web-based program, is helping today's youth understand the decisions they will face.

Canadian youth preparing to head out on their own now have an online tool to help them understand the financial decisions they will face.

The City, a financial life skills resource designed to prepare students for financial management, is a free web-based program developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and the B.C. Securities Commission (BCSC). It was based on the award-winning program developed by the BCSC that has been adapted for all Canadian provinces and territories.

In the safe, virtual world of The City, students learn how to separate their needs from wants, and create a financial plan and budget.

“The entire resource deals with how to handle credit and investments, how to deal with insurance, how to deal with fraud…I do believe that it is a very relevant resource,” said Lucy Johnson, a teacher at Kate Andrews High School in Coaldale, Alta.

The City uses soap opera-style stories to introduce financial topics to students make learning about money easy and fun, helping them relate to the life-like events they experience through the featured characters.

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